Course:    Visual Arts

    Instructor:       Helen O’Dea

    Contact:       h.odea@loma.k12.ca.us 



    Welcome to  Art!


    This year we will explore the elements of art such as line, color, value, form, construction methods, printing ceramics, and more. Inspiration will be drawn from our environment, as well as Social studies, Language Arts, and Science. Emphasis is placed on students’ concepts, originality, and creativity. Students will get to do their own personal, independent work while learning new art techniques. Students will develop skills to become more critically aware of the design, craft, art, and media in their lives.


    Art Room Expectations

    Be Kind

    ·      Respect the feelings and work of others.

    ·      Participate in discussions and share your opinions

    ·      Listen respectfully to the thoughts and opinions of classmates

    ·      Don’t draw or mark in any way, the work of another

    ·      Be responsible for the care of class materials

    ·      Recycle

    ·      Clean up after yourself. If you do not, you will be asked to return to the art room at another time to assist with room maintenance.

    ·      Never leave the room without the teacher’s permission



    ·     May be asked to gather supplies, props, construction materials, etc.

    ·     You may be asked to look at a video or website. 

    ·     Collect reference photos and print them for class

    ·     Rarely have to do art at home, unless seriously behind in class work.


    Keep All the Artwork

    ·      Sketches and preliminary work is important

    ·      Shows how your ideas and skills developed

    ·      Shows you may have had an excellent idea, but for a technical reason it may not have worked out

    ·      Shows where you encountered a problem, and the ways in which you tried to solve it

    ·      If it’s in the garbage, I can’t grade it

    ·      Name on everything! Back ok too. A or B days



    In the Visual Arts classroom, students learn to work with various art tools that are used in the everyday creation of art.  These tools include and are not limited to: pencils, brushes, scissors, X-acto knives, linoleum cutters, carving tools, wire cutters, pliers, hammers, paper cutters, sandpaper, wire, foil, rollers, clays, glazes, plaster, rubber cement, spray adhesive, plastic wrap, styrofoam, chalk, pastels, varnish, and paints.  Every precaution and preparation is taken to provide students with proper instruction prior to the use of these tools. Every effort is made to provide your child with a safe environment to learn and work in. However, accidents do happen even under the strictest supervision.  Therefore, I am asking each parent to discuss with your child the importance of listening and following directions when using these materials in the Art classroom.  If you do not wish your child to use one or more of these items please let me know and I will attempt to accommodate your child with an alternative tool or provide him/her with a separate project from the rest of the class.



    Helen O’Dea

    Visual Arts Instructor