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COVID Rapid Test Kit Information

A Message on behalf of Superintendent Grier:


 January 4, 2022


Hello Loma Prieta and CT English Parents and Guardians,

We will be sending home rapid testing kits with Loma Prieta Students today. Please look for them in your students backpacks.  CT English Students will receive their kits tomorrow and they will be distributed by 1st period teachers.

The kits were provided by the county, and each kit includes 2 tests. Written directions and a link to an instructional video are provided below.

These kits are meant to offer Loma and CT families peace of mind as we navigate an unprecedented time. Please note these tests aren’t meant to replace on-campus testing. We will continue to offer weekly on-campus testing for students at this time.


Video Instructions:


Written Instructions:

1. Prepare Materials

Open the package, take out the COVID 19 test card, the tube and the swab. We recommend having a plastic cup handy  to hold the swab (absorbent tip up) if needed. Open the foil pouch of the COVID test card.

2. Collect Sample

Take the swab out of the package, but please make sure not to directly touch the absorbent tip! Insert absorbent tip of the swab ½ or ¾ of an inch into the nostril. 1/2 inch for a child is sufficient. Firmly and slowly brush against insides of nostril in a circular motion at least 5 times/15 seconds. Repeat this process with the other nostril.

3. Process Sample

Tap the tube vertically on the table and twist the orange cap to open the tube. Insert the swab into the tube AND TOUCH THE BOTTOM OF THE TUBE WITH THE SWAB TIP. Stir at least 15 times. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SQUEEZE the sides of the tube to squeeze as much liquid as possible from the swab, then remove the swab. Screw back on the orange cap. Safely dispose of the used swab.

4. Add Sample

Twist open the small white cap of the tube and add 3 drops of sample to the sample port of the COVID 19 test card. Screw back the small white cap. Pictures of the process are enclosed in your test kit.

5. Wait 15 minutes

Start a timer for 15 minutes as soon as you add the sample to the sample port.

6. Read Result

Test results appear on the test card. A Positive result must show BOTH a C line and a T line. A negative result will only show a C line. It is important that you do not read results before the 15 minute timer is up, or after 30 minutes has passed. This could yield a false negative or a false positive. Please try to read results as soon as the 15 minute time period has elapsed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Diane Harit at Thank you for your support!



Superintendent Grier, Loma Prieta Joint Union School District