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A Message From The Superintendent

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Community Members,


Recently, former employee David Kissner filed an unlawful termination lawsuit against our school district. He claims he was fired in retaliation for his conservative political views and for giving “F” grades to three students who participated in an anti-gun violence protest. This lawsuit is a desperate attempt to divert public attention away from the real reasons for his termination. A ruling by the Commission on Professional Competence last month clearly vindicates the school district’s decision to fire Mr. Kissner. The decision was not about his politics; it was about his lack of professionalism and misconduct as an educator.


In October 2021, the state’s Office of Administrative Hearings, a quasi-judicial tribunal that hears administrative disputes, convened a three-person panel to determine whether the district acted properly in dismissing Kissner. The panel consisted of a neutral judge, one commissioner picked by the district, and one commissioner picked by Kissner. Their ruling was unanimous that he was unfit for service as a teacher. Even the panelist he selected didn’t agree with Kissner’s baseless arguments. They also found that his political retaliation complaint was without merit.


Click here to read the full ruling from the Commission on Professional Competence and a recent news article from the Bay Area News group that provides further details on this case.


Our district respects the due process and privacy rights of our employees and normally does not disclose information or publicly discuss employee disciplinary matters. However, the egregious nature of Mr. Kissner’s lies, misrepresentations, unprofessional conduct with minors, and continuing disruptive behavior has prompted us to set the record straight.


Dr. Kevin Grier

Superintendent, Loma Prieta Joint Union School District