Loma Letter

August 20, 2014


Dear Loma Parents:


And we begin again!  On Monday morning, a Loma/CT parent greeted me with “Happy New Year!” just like it was January 1st.  I liked the ring of it!  For educators, this is the true new year.  This is the season of planning, of dreaming, of potential, of promise, of new beginnings, and I imagine even a few resolutions.  The nostalgia of school buses, and new clothes, and fresh pencils calls many of us back to the classrooms of our youth.  It’s a wonderful, hopeful time of year.  The buzz on our campuses is testament to the ongoing nature of those traditions.


This year as we begin, I am startled by the fact that this is now my tenth year in service to the Loma Prieta School District:  two years on the school board, five years as principal; entering my third year as Superintendent.  Another time tested truth is that time flies.  I look back across these years with great pride and a clear sense that we are heading in the right direction.


We have built the strongest teaching team I have ever worked with at either the K-12 or college level.  We are not the biggest team, but we have incredible depth, diversity of style and interest, and absolute commitment to the students’ best interest.  We are supported by a professional team that cares just as much about the kids as the teachers in the classroom.  Every member of our team, from facilities, to transportation, to administrative support, to para-educators, to finance, HR, IT and beyond cares deeply about our shared mission to provide a world-class education for your children.  It is a privilege to be part of this team.  I value the challenges as well as the successes.  I appreciate the Board of Trustee’s confidence in the work we are doing together.


As we begin again, let’s capture the hopes and dreams of our kids, harness the energy and enthusiasm of our educational team, and embrace the incredible support of our parent community to once again accomplish amazing things for our mountain kids.  I am just as excited for the year ahead as I was for my first year of teaching and my first year as a Loma parent.  Happy New Year everyone!

Corey Kidwell