General Information About the Sport of Wrestling

The CT wrestling program is designed to provide students with an extended learning time after school in an athletic endeavor under responsible supervision.  We hope to assist your student athletes in learning the basic wrestling fundamentals while having a lot of fun.  Most of our wrestlers and our competition are new to this sport in middle school, and there is no need to have any previous experience.  Middle school is the perfect time to try out this demanding, yet very rewarding activity.  Wrestling combines the camaraderie of a tight knit team with the intensity of one-on-one competition.  Some of my own most formative experiences as an adolescent came through my time on my school wrestling team, and I feel privileged to be able to share some of that with young athletes here.  Here are a few links to documents and videos that can help orient you and your wrestler to the sport.  See you on the mat!
-D. Kissner