Important Weekly Updates

ClickOctober 1, 2014


Thoughts from Tuesday Night

Resilience is one of the most important words in education. It is also one of the best words to describe our schools. The dictionary defines resilient as “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.”


Emerging from the most fiscally challenging time in the history of California schools, your local public schools are proving that Measure H is a great investment. We ended the year without the threat of teacher layoffs. We opened school this fall with our libraries open, counselor in place, and Developmental PE still going strong. Parents’ donations returned music and art to our classrooms, and more. We have an infusion of fresh energy and excitement that will feel like a return to, “the good old days” in all the right ways.


The Latin root for resilient translates to “leaping back.” Our schools have “leapt back” with optimism, creativity, and dedication to excellence. The resilience of our schools is tied directly to the culture of our mountain. It is the mountain way to recover from difficult conditions. Earthquake, fire, tragedy, or disagreements over time, have not undone our community, and that truth is reflected in our schools.


Our schools were built by generations of mountain residents who understood that adversity can make us stronger, even bring us together. Our schools are sustained by committed teachers, staff, and parents who take pride in proving that small schools can have a big impact. Our students are living the lessons that persistence, hard work, and a can-do attitude can make the improbable possible.


Thank you for the continued support of local public schools.   Your support is making a difference for more than 500 mountain kids. Those kids are growing up with values inspired by an amazing community. Your commitment to our schools is helping prepare the next generation of young people to understand that community matters, a sense of place creates health and safety, and that everyone can make a difference. Thank you for making sure that mountain schools matter!


Corey Kidwell



The Gala update!


-Tickets are going fast, so if you haven't bought yours, do it Now!


- The highly anticipated Online Bidding starts Monday September 29!   Check out all of the cool stuff that will be available at this year's Gala - see if your favorite is coming back plus lots of New items.  If you aren't able to attend, you can still participate!  Just enter your top bid price for any items you'redying to have - and you could be the lucky winner!


-The coveted Online Parking Spot and CT & Loma Graduation Seats w/Parking will close on October 3 so Bid Early and Bid Often!!  This auction is for everyone, even if you're not going to the evening event.  


-Check out Event Details for important updated information about the evening:



The Gala Room (behind the gym) will be open All Week.  If you have Any time to spare, please come see how you can help us out!!  We are buzzin' with wrapping and organizing!

More Volunteers are needed for setup, cleanup, as well as selling beverage tickets during the event.  Please help support this wonderful evening (for the children)!!  Sign Up online:


We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday October 4!!


Commemorating The Loma Prieta Quake

All are invited on Friday, October 17 at 4:30 p.m., to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake.  Whether you lived on the mountain before this earth-shaking day or have moved here since, please join us on this special day. The event will take place at the site of the former location of Loma Prieta Elementary, 23845 Summit Road (location of the Gazebo and Building Blocks).


We are looking for photographs and/or stories from that time in our history that will be shared at the event. If you have either, please contact Christina Lopp Schwabecher at or 831-419-4596. Please share this email with any family members or neighbors who might be interested.

Scholastic Book Fair during Loma conference week, November 17-21, 2014


The annual Scholastic Book Fair is approaching. The book fair serves many purposes. Students get to shop right at school in a bookstore environment (rare these days) and proceeds from the fair support both the CTE library and the Loma Library.   However, this year, the Fall Book Fair is in jeopardy of being canceled – Oh No!   To keep the fair running, we need to find a volunteer coordinator and volunteers to work with Nicole Ficthorn and Sharon Ammirati. The librarians will support the work, but cannot do the primary coordination and organization of this fun and hour intensive event. Job responsibilities include setting up and taking down the book displays, running the cash register, and general floor support – Coordinator helps with the scheduling. 


Please contact Nicole Ficthorn, to make arrangements if you are interested in keeping the Fall Book Fair! She can be reached at: You can also speak with your child’s room mom. I know they will be able to point you in the right direction.


Rebecca’s Top Ten Favorites, Week 5


1.     Teacher’s bring treats to share with each other once a week. So, as I am penning these top ten favorites, I am eating a piece of raspberry pie – from the Summit Store – definitely a favorite;

2.     Fall leaves are decoratively carpeting the forest floor adding splashes of orange and brown to the greenery;

3.     Blustery winds in the morning remind us that fall is mixing it up with summer, taking a spin before the real cool weather begins;

4.     Advice form a kinder “It is best to keep stuff safe by keeping it in your backpack”;

5.     Cub Scouts from troop 509 giggle and have fun by the flagpole cooking a fun trail dinner as dusk deepens into night. I was fortunate to be offered a few of the sweeter delectables;

6.     Teachers taking time to sit with students and provide thoughtful council when a student makes a mistake.   Definitely part of the Loma and CT English Way;

7.     The sound of music and song drifting in the air out of the forum (play practice), in through the back window and into my office to tickle my ears;

8.     Dogs patiently (well almost) waiting in trucks looking for their children to come give them hugs when school lets out;

9.     Being invited to take and impressive gaze at the enormous size and ingenuity of one family’s camper/van/bus? The young boys in the family showing off the cleverly designed amenities including little kitchen and a fold out sleeping loft;

10. The smile that finds its way onto my face whenever I am on campus! 


News from our partners:


Step Through the Wardrobe into the Land of Narnia-

Announcing Theatre in the Mountains CT Production this year will be Narnia, The Musical - based upon The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

Auditions for Narnia will be held Nov 3rd and 5th – more information and on-line signups here:


Are You Ready to Step On Stage? Prepare to Step Through the Wardrobe Soon...

ANNOUNCING: Theatre in the Mountains Fall Audition Workshop for CT Play


Theatre in the Mountains is pleased to offer an audition workshop just in time for kids to prepare for Narnia auditions. It will be taught by our talented Artistic Director, Jillian Toby-Cummings and Music Director/Vocal Coach Meg Fischer. The workshop will be held from 10am until 2pm on October 18th in the Loma Prieta Dance Room and will cover basic dance steps, techniques to be used at callbacks, and a mock audition.


Prepare & Bring:

Please have your child come with a song ready (though not required) and we will help them perfect their presentation! They should wear close toed shoes good for dancing, and should bring a lunch and water.


REGISTRATION FEE: $50 in advance (Drop-ins $75)

Signup on-line here:

[If you are unable to signup on-line, forms can be found in the C.T. office. If we don’t reach the 25 participant maximum, drop-ins will be accepted on Saturday with form and drop-in payment fee.]


Basketball Season is Around the Corner

LOS GATOS NJB Youth Basketball Organization is extending registration through Oct. 6, 2014 for the 2014-2015! This is a great opportunity for mountain kids to make friends “off the hill.” Many practices are held at CT English during the season.

Open to Boys and Girls entering Grades 3 – 8 (*not coed).

The Los Gatos chapter of NJB (National Junior Basketball), comprised of over 300 players, competes against other NJB teams in the South Bay. We offer great developmental instruction, competitive play, All-Star teams, professional looking uniforms and the opportunity for both boys and girls alike to grow in the most recognized local and national youth basketball organization in the Western US!

Evaluations are held in early October and practices begin the first week of November.


Upcoming CT Events

10/4/14            LPEF GALA at Maison du lac 4pm

10/15/14          CTE HSC mtg. 8:30 in the CC room

10/17/14          End of quarter 1 grading period

10/17/14          CTE “Shake, Rattle & Roll” Dance 7-9 pm in the Forum

10/31/14          Minimum day @ both schools 12:30 dismissal