Suggested Learning Activities

Posted by Michele Ignoffo on 3/16/2020

Hello Students and Parents,

Below are some suggested learning activities for students of all ages.  Happy Exploring! I hope you and your families stay well and healthy.

Ms. Ignoffo


The Tech Interactive Website

Check out the Summer Unplugged Series.  There are 5 summer-themed design challenges to try:  Frozen Fireworks, Sunshade, Water Course, Travel Destination and Your Biggest Fan.  

Summer Unplugged!


Steve Spangler Science

Experiment of the Week:  Bubble Snakes


Science Buddies Summer of STEM  

Each week Science Buddies will be posting fun, engaging activities with related books, videos and science kits.  Bookmark Summer of STEM

Week #1-Carnival Science

Week #2-Gadgets and Gizmos

Week #3-Wizards and Magic

Week #4-Artists and Makers

Week #5-Fireworks and Picnics

Week #6-Water Play

Week #7-Super Hero Science

Week #8-Strange but True Science

Week #9-Mission to Mars

Special Mystery Science

This show will be all about SPACE–including a special video cameo by astronaut Jessica Meir, who answered real student questions Doug sent to her while she was aboard the International Space Station!  The interview will be available after the live show at the same link.


To watch this special mystery open this website link:


Observation Journals

Observation is the key to doing science.  For all students, observe something in nature (maybe a section of the yard or garden, a plant, your pets, etc...) and record words, create scienctific illustrations or drawings in a journal or sketch book.  What do you notice? What do you wonder?  What happens when you revisit this spot at different times?  You could use your journal with the live webcams too.


Live Webcams Around the World

On the website are links for many webcams setup around the world to view animals.  You can select specific animals or places to view.  You can see the new baby condor chicks in the nest in Ventana.  What is happening?  Check this camera at different times of day.  Do you notice other things? What questions do you wonder?


Montery Bay Aquarium

Learning At Home Activities

Is It alive? This activity plan is geared to help K-2 students explore living and nonliving things.

Do Science!  Use the Habitat in a Bucket plan to explore observation and questioning skills.  (K-5 appropriate)

Kelp Forest Exploration Students will use the live webcam on the kelp forest exhibit to learn about ecosystems. (3-5th grade recommended)

Games & Activities Free online and printable games and activites, like coloring pages, make a sea otter puppet or penguin headband and more.


Online Learning Courses

The musuem educators have created 2 courses.  One course explores tide pools for (K-2nd grade students) and another course focuses on being a scientist (3-6th grade students) through ocean habitats.  You’ll be prompted to create a free account before you can begin. You can use the same account for multiple courses.

Tide Pool Scientist (Kinder-2nd Grade)

Explore Like a Scientist (3rd-6th Grade)


Exploratorium Website

1.Earth Day  

The 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day is April 22, 2020.  The Exploratorium will live stream a Virtual Earth Day Celebration from 1-2:30pm (PDT) to explore some of the big ideas about the science of Earth's systems.  There are also a number of activities to celebrate Earth Day where ever you are.


2.  Science Snacks

Visit the Science Snacks section of the SF Museum's website.  There are many projects and activities, called Snacks, to explore.  Snacks use easy to find materials to explore science concepts. 


3. Learning Toolbox

You can also check out activities in the Learning Toolbox section, like Experience the Exploratorium at home, Tinker around your house, Construct some science and Kitchen Science.







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