Room 9 Update - 9/13/21

Posted by Cari Templeton on 9/12/2021

Hello Tree Frog Families-

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. It was nice to see some of you at the Fireman’s BBQ today.


Introducing Floyd:

Your student may have already told you about our new class pet, Floyd the Betta Fish. He is an active and curious member of our class. He is showing up in their writing and in their drawings. The students are enjoying getting to know him and observing his behaviors. They have been using the class magnifying glasses to get a closer look at Floyd and Lily Pad and Bob. You can see all of our class pets on my school website:



Students have been doing a great job on their sharing. They are speaking clearly and answering questions about their pictures. It is fun to see the family pictures starting to fill in our bulletin board. If your child hasn’t had their turn yet, you will receive an email reminding you at the beginning of the week they are scheduled to share.



Your student has now attended library twice this school year. Students did a good job remembering to bring in their library books this week so they could check out new ones. Library is on Wednesdays.



We will begin to use headphones in the classroom next week so please send them in when you can. Looking at the cubbies, it looks like about half the students have already brought them in – thank you. The headphones don’t need to be anything fancy, in fact having a cord is generally easier for the students to manage themselves because we discovered last year that some of the blue-tooth headphones can be finicky for the kids to get to synch with the iPads.


Volunteering in the classroom:

We have been given the go ahead to begin having volunteers in the classroom. If you plan to volunteer on campus or in our classroom, you must have on file a TB clearance and proof of Covid-19 vaccination before you begin in the classroom. Additionally, all volunteers are required to check in at the Loma office when arriving to campus and before entering classrooms or other school spaces. Gardening will be starting this week while other volunteer spots will be starting next week.


Parents & Visitors on Campus

ALL visitors, including parents, MUST check in at the Loma Office before entering campus-NO EXCEPTIONS during school hours (8:20-2:45 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8:20-1:30 Wednesday). It does not matter the reason for your visit to campus (picking up your child early, dropping off a backpack or lunch, etc.), you must sign in at the office and be issued a Visitor badge. This visitor badge must be affixed to the outside of your clothing, visible to staff and students. If a visitor’s badge is not visible, you will be asked by a staff member to go to the office to check in. This applies to all adults on campus and is a protocol meant to keep our kids safe. Please be kind if you are reminded to check in at the office.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Templeton